Domestic Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels, Systems & Installation Services

We all know that Solar PV makes sense. It is environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. What you may not be aware of are the financial benefits of installing Solar PV as an alternative energy source to your home and that in a short time not only will your new energy source be providing you with FREE electricity, but it will have paid for itself and be making you a profit!

Domestic Solar PV Panels

Here are some amazing savings and benefits, which as a homeowner with Solar PV you will receive:

  • Future-proofing against an increase fuel price - the past 10 years has seen a 9.1% increase year on year!
  • Immediately benefit from a huge reduction to the cost of your energy bills, from day 1 and secure your long term energy supply - after all who knows what will happen in the future
  • Raise the value of your house - 70% of all potential buyers consider energy efficiency to an influencing factor and the latest information is that solar will increase your house value by £1800
  • Solar PV Technology needs little maintenance and is a reliable source of energy - future proofing your home for a new era of energy
  • Being socially responsible and taking action on the climate crisis, starting with your home

In addition a Solar PV installation at TB Electrics also comes with:

  • A workmanship warranty to protect you and your home during installation
  • A warranty on the solar panels and inverter, so you know it all makes financial sense

Domestic Solar PV panels are usually installed on your roof and can be installed on most homes in the UK, however it is important to consider the possible shade from other buildings or surrounding trees. TB Electrics will advise you of the best location and most suitable panels for your home in order to optimise your roof space, ensuring you will get the most from your new domestic Solar PV system. Even on rainy or overcast days, your Solar PV will generate electricity because it operates from natural daylight, rather than heat.

Your system will produce electricity all year round but how much you save will depend entirely on your electricity usage. There are steps you can take to ensure you receive the maximum return from your domestic Solar PV, e.g. use household items such as washing machines during daylight hours. Potentially you could reduce your electricity bill by around a half if used appropriately.

The current Government incentive "SEG - Smart Export Guarantee" means you receive a payment for each unit of electricity you send back to the Grid but it makes more sense to use that energy in your home or store it into a battery

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