Batteries & Battery Banks for Solar PV/Renewable Energy Storage

Battery Storage / Battery Banks have now come into their own and are a game changing technology that is revolutionising how we use our energy and is now widely available to everyone - with the cost of electricity being so high and the technology advancing so rapidly, it now makes sense to install a battery storage system with your Solar PV installation - allowing you to make the most of all the solar energy that you generate by storing it instead of sending it back to The Grid, and even charging that battery bank up overnight on a cheaper overnight electricity rate...

In today's world, where sustainability and efficient use of energy are paramount, battery storage offers a reliable and versatile solution for storing and distributing energy. Our design and installation teams can provide you with an overview of battery storage options, either on their own or alongside Solar PV, the benefits, applications and impacts...

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What is Battery Storage (often called Battery Bank)?

Batteries (often referred to as battery banks or battery storage) allows you to capture  the electricity (energy) you are generating from your Solar PV system or electricity that you import (buy) from the Grid overnight at a cheaper rate and store it into rechargeable batteries for use during the day or evening.

These batteries can range in size from one on its own with a low capacity, to a full range of battery banks for large scale storage where batteries are employed in industrial applications and power grids.

Benefits of Battery Storage/Battery Banks:

1. Energy Management

Battery storage systems allow you to make efficient use of your energy (energy management) by storing excess electricity (energy) during the periods of time where you have low demand for electricity and discharging it during the times where your demand is higher (high-demand periods), which helps to reduce the strain on the power grid and lowers the costs of buying in electricity that you sent back to the Grid during your low demand times.

2. Renewable Energy Integration – The Bigger Picture

Battery storage plays a crucial role in integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, into the grid. It helps overcome the intermittent nature of these sources by storing surplus energy and providing a consistent power supply when renewable generation is low.

3. Grid Stability and Reliability

Large scale battery storage systems enhance grid stability by providing fast-response power injections when needed, thereby reducing the risk of blackouts and voltage fluctuations. They act as a buffer between power supply and demand, ensuring a reliable electricity supply.

4. Peak Shaving and Load Balancing

Battery storage enables peak shaving, this is where stored energy is used during periods of high demand, reducing the strain on the grid. It also facilitates load balancing by managing fluctuations in energy consumption, leading to optimized grid operations. This is also the same for the small scale batteries that are available for homeowners and smaller businesses.

5. Emergency Backup Power

Battery storage systems provide a reliable backup power source during emergencies and power outages, ensuring uninterrupted operations for critical infrastructure, businesses, and households.

Applications of Battery Storage/Battery Bank:

1. Residential

Battery storage allows homeowners to store excess renewable solar energy generated from their Solar PV systems during the day and use it during the night and in the evenings, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills. It can also provide backup power during grid failures (power cuts).

2. Commercial and Industrial

Battery storage is used extensively in commercial and industrial sectors, alongside Solar PV or on its own, offering cost savings through demand management, peak shaving, and backup power. It helps reduce energy costs and supports a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

3. Renewable Energy Plants

Battery storage systems can be integrated with renewable energy plants, such as solar and wind farms, to store the surplus solar or wind energy generated and ensure a consistent supply during periods of low generation. This maximises the utilisation of renewable resources and contributes to grid stability.

4. Grid-Scale Storage

Large-scale battery storage systems are used to support grid operations, with large scale battery banks helping to manage frequency fluctuations, provide ancillary services, and enhance overall grid resilience. They play a vital role in supporting the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.


Battery storage is becoming affordable to all and is transforming the way we manage and utilise energy. With its ability to store surplus solar or wind energy, integrate renewable sources, enhance grid stability, and provide backup power, battery storage has become a key enabler in the transition towards a more sustainable and reliable energy future. Whether batteries are installed in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, battery storage systems offer significant benefits by optimising energy management and reducing carbon footprint. Here at TB Electrics, our designers and installers will help you to make the most of the renewable energy you are generating from your Solar PV system - Embrace the power of battery storage and join the clean energy revolution today!

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