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Multi-coloured EV Chargers

News & EventsPosted:  20 April 2023 @ 11:24 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Andersen Choices
Andersen EV Chargers - we love these and so do a lot of our Porsche Taycan customers - this one is lurking in the bushes and looks pretty cool on the pole - however you can choose the colour of the charger to match your own colour schemes, whether that be your house or your car (electric vehicle) !

With lots of colour combinations to choose from - its  a sleek and great looking product and we think ONE  of your best options out there

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Meet The Team 2

News & EventsPosted:  27 March 2023 @ 19:19 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Jacko - Another of our newest apprentices
Jack Whalley is a new apprentice that has come on board with lots of existing life experience - does that mean hes old?  NO... not really, hes just not a whipper snapper straight out of school, but it does mean that he already knows what hard work is and has experience, which helps him in the day to day activities that he carries out - including installing solar panels, helping with electrical installation services or installations of EVC (Electric Vehicle Chargers) . He still attends Warrington and Vale Royal College and is studying for his electrical qualification

Jack is an avid cr...

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Meet The Team

News & EventsPosted:  23 March 2023 @ 11:48 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Alex - One of our newest Apprentices
Alex Bennett is one of our newest Apprentices and is studying to become a fully qualified electrician - taking a day out each week to attend Warrington and Vale Royal College - he is 19 years old and in his spare time he plays for semi-professional team  Northwich Victoria FC primarily as a left back and has one of the longest throws around !

He left school in the Covid years so didn't get to take his GCSEs but still did very well, he then went on to follow his football dream, which he has had since the age of 5 and studied two years at Hyde United under the educational direction of R...

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How Green is Your Supply Chain

News & EventsPosted:  13 February 2023 @ 10:42 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

How Green is Your Supply Chain
Becoming or working towards being a greener business is nothing new, but more emphasis is now being put onto taking environmental issues more seriously as an corporate social responsibility for many businesses.  It doesn't matter what sector you are in, whether you are a Sports Centre, Builders Merchant, warehouse, manufacturer, retailer or a large corporate business you need to show real action and commitment and not just talk about it

Using sustainable packaging, or planting a tree, or giving back to a good cause is no longer enough. Savvy consumers, increased public awareness, and ...

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News & EventsPosted:  15 December 2022 @ 11:39 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

So this cold weather has taken us a little by surprise and I expect that some of you are finding that your home storage batteries are not operating as they usually do, they are either not charging or discharging or even doing some crazy things.

Batteries need a little looking after and a lot of the beeping you may be hearing is them telling you they are too cold....

The fact is that most of them don't like to operate below 0 degrees - but what can you do to help?

1. Warm the room/area that they are in if possible - up to an ambient temperature - but don't directly po...

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TestimonialsPosted:  08 November 2022 @ 10:35 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

It's all good
So you know that we pride ourselves on our customer service - Heres why, at TB Electrics, we do it the way we do and why we won't be your cheapest quote..... Please do remember that its not always about price - its about what comes next, how you are looked after, what happens if something goes wrong and if you have a particular way you would like it to work or look..... One size does not fit all in the Solar PV world!! Hi  -I was very pleased with the Sunsynk battery/inverter install. The price was reasonable. The installation guys were great and happy to do the job the way I wanted. The...

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News & EventsPosted:  20 October 2022 @ 12:29 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

What is a Prosumer?

The term prosumer has many meanings.  However, in our world (electrotechnical, Solar PV), a prosumer is an entity or party which can be both producer and consumer of electrical energy. Prosumers predominantly generate their electricity through solar PV ( photovoltaic) solar panels on their roofs. Many of these prosumers are purely focussed on becoming more ( or entirely) self sustaining 'off-grid' while others are working to become significant contributors to the grid, selling surplus energy generated

The drivers of this vary

Consumers are aware o...

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Solar Frequently Asked Questions

News & EventsPosted:  12 October 2022 @ 14:17 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

To help you understand more about how our solar installations work, here are the answers to some of the common questions we get asked.
How does Solar PV Work?A solar PV system starts with sunlight hitting the panels on your roof or on the ground, the sunlight then causes the panels to generate electricity, this electricity is DC power. The DC power electricity then runs down the cables to an inverter where the DC power is changed to AC power that is the same as what is used in your house. At this point the AC electricity that is being produced from the panels will either be sent into the house if you are using electricity, if you are not using electricity, it will be sent back to the grid unless you have a battery connected to the inverter, in that case the electricity from the solar can be stored in the battery and used later.

Types of Solar PV Inverters?The Inverter is the heart of the solar PV system, this is where a major part of the work takes place. There are three main types of systems for solar PV inverters.

String Inverter (this inverter allows you to connect solar panels and inver...

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MCS Annual Inspection

News & EventsPosted:  10 September 2021 @ 11:25 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

MCS Annual Inspection
TB Electrics are NICEIC Approved Contractors  as well as being MCS Registered for Solar PV installations - we have recently had our annual reviews carried out for each scheme and have passed both with flying colours - You wouldn't expect anything less from us would you?

Our office administration systems are inspected and approved during the inspection days and also a site visit is carried out to check our installations and a full report provided to us, noting any issues that have been identified ..... THERE WEREN'T ANY !!

We're happy with these comments ...

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Feedback Friday

TestimonialsPosted:  13 August 2021 @ 11:50 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

We love feedback
So yesterday Sean and Josh installed a new consumer unit and carried out a full test and inspection at this customers property.

They also fitted fitted floodlights outside and lights inside

We are very proud of the way TB Electrics are perceived in customers homes and you can why right here - Well done boys, for that we will give you the weekend off .......

Oh no sorry, not this weekend,  you are working ......... I bet we get another great review though !!

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