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TestimonialsPosted:  08 November 2022 @ 10:35 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

It's all good
So you know that we pride ourselves on our customer service - Heres why, at TB Electrics, we do it the way we do and why we won't be your cheapest quote..... Please do remember that its not always about price - its about what comes next, how you are looked after, what happens if something goes wrong and if you have a particular way you would like it to work or look..... One size does not fit all in the Solar PV world!! Hi  -I was very pleased with the Sunsynk battery/inverter install. The price was reasonable. The installation guys were great and happy to do the job the way I wanted. The...

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Feedback Friday

TestimonialsPosted:  13 August 2021 @ 11:50 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

We love feedback
So yesterday Sean and Josh installed a new consumer unit and carried out a full test and inspection at this customers property.

They also fitted fitted floodlights outside and lights inside

We are very proud of the way TB Electrics are perceived in customers homes and you can why right here - Well done boys, for that we will give you the weekend off .......

Oh no sorry, not this weekend,  you are working ......... I bet we get another great review though !!

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Zappi, Eddi and Harvi

TestimonialsPosted:  30 July 2021 @ 10:36 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

We love feedback
So, one of todays jobs was to install an Electric Vehicle Charger for a customer and for this job we chose a Zappi from My Energi because it has a charging mode that allows it to utilise 100% of  renewable energy produced by our customers existing Solar PV system. We also added a My Energi Eddi, which also uses any further surplus energy generated by the Solar panels to heat the hot water.

All in all a great set up, which means that only a minimal amount is being exported to the Grid and our customer is making the most of the energy generated on site by h...

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Too True - Tuesday Feedback

TestimonialsPosted:  27 July 2021 @ 10:37 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

We love feedback
Having installed an Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) for a domestic customer this week at his home in Warrington - we received the following feedback ....

'By the way, I can tell you, as an experienced Engineering Contract/Project Manager, that the engineers who attended site were a very professional crew'

Now thats what makes us super special - lots of great feedback coming in and happy customers


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St Lukes Hospice Becomes Greener

TestimonialsPosted:  09 October 2020 @ 09:58 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

St Lukes Hospice are Making Even More Difference
We were delighted to carry out work for St Lukes Hospice in Cheshire to help them to save money on their energy bills by changing over all their existing lighting to energy efficient LED Lighting.

Not only do the team there offer a fabulous care and service for their patients - they do their very best to keep the mood light and people safe and comfortable

We were so proud of our team at TB Electrics for the comments they received whilst working there and St Lukes have saved 3 tonnes of CO2 per year and cost savings of @£4000 per year as wel...

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