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Palace Chemicals Reduce Carbon Footprint

Case StudiesPosted:  06 June 2024 @ 15:26 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Solar PV Installation at Palace Chemicals
Palace Chemicals based in Speke were looking to reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint in June 23.  We held initial discussions and we provided designs so we could agree a plan for the best way forwards, taking into account their energy usage and the way the manufacturing business operates - making the best use of the roof space available and also the electrical enabling works and the new substation that was required in order to make the project happen. This meant discussions with the DNO about how and what could be done and applications for the connection agreements, which we un...

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Solar Edge - The Benefits

News & EventsPosted:  24 May 2024 @ 17:53 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

What makes Solar Edge different

At TB Electrics we have installed Solar Edge products since we began installing solar panels back in 2011. We found that their products were superb and had already stood the test of time - one of the major differences is their groundbreaking power optimisation technology. Unlike traditional solar pv systems with a string inverter, that are limited by the performance of the weakest solar panel in the array, Solar Edge's power optimisers ensure that each panel operates at its maximum potential at all times, whether there is cloud coverage on one panel, shade from chimney, dirt or a bir...

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Why Choose a Qualified Installer

News & EventsPosted:  23 May 2024 @ 12:43 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Solar and Battery Qualifications
As the world moves towards more sustainable energy solutions, the adoption of solar power and battery storage systems has surged. These technologies promise not only to reduce our carbon footprint but also to provide a reliable and cost-effective energy source. However, the installation of these systems is not a simple task. Ensuring that installers are properly qualified is crucial for several reasons, including safety, efficiency, and the longevity of the systems. In the UK, adherence to standards such as BS7671, the IET Code of Practice, and the Electrical Safety First Best Practice Guides ...

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Solar PV After Sales Service

TestimonialsPosted:  14 May 2024 @ 12:48 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

How do you know we are Outstanding ?
With reviews like this you can tell why we are different and what this means for you

Solar PV is a long term investment and we think that what we do for you after install speaks volumes for our professionalism and our dedication to our customers - its not quick hit from us .... your enquiry will be dealt with by Our Designers, Our qualified Installation Teams, Our in-house admin staff, Our dedicated after sales teams - Our qualified maintenance teams .... its all OURS and its all high quality and  project managed and with great attention to H&S being paramount for Our teams -  when OU...

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Solar and Corporation Tax - Reduce your tax liability and your bills

News & EventsPosted:  20 February 2024 @ 16:00 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Solar and Corporation Tax
How long it takes for a Solar PV system to pay for itself is significantly shorter than you think if you include the tax relief that is available when installing Solar Panels - Below we give you and idea of how this could impact your business

We all know that being socially conscious is a big thing for most businesses these days and investing in Solar PV is a way to make big savings on your energy bills, but it can also reduce your Corporation tax bill 🌿

Finance Directors want to do their bit to bring about change where the environment is concerned, but they also want to mak...

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News & EventsPosted:  12 January 2024 @ 15:50 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Commercial Buildings Revolutionise Solar PV Industry
Britain ready to raise the roof with commercial solar pv potential! Thousands of commercial buildings in the UK could be used to revolutionise our solar pv industry. One of them could be yours ..... Roofs across cities in Britain cover an enormous amount of surface area, yet unfortunately, only a slither of them utilise this space for solar panels. The Governments Solar Taskforce plans to adapt suitable space for solar pv - but you can do this yourself at any time - whether you wish to pay for it upfront and reap all the benefits or you would like to have it installed for free and own it i...

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Vespertec Testimonial

TestimonialsPosted:  20 November 2023 @ 12:21 GMTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Another great review from Vespertec
We asked Alan from Vespertec to give us his thoughts about the 149 panel Solar PV system that we installed back in Nov 2022 for him and his feedback about the system and TB Electrics is fabulous and its great to be able to share this with you

Wed reduced the consumption of electricity initially by installing LED lighting with motion sensors and the Solar PV system has now had  a full year of generating electricity, which has been used on site to power his business and to power the EV Chargers that were installed at the same time

We designed a system that was expected to gener...

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Do I Need an MCS Certificate to claim the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee)

News & EventsPosted:  04 October 2023 @ 16:29 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

MCS and SEG - What it means to you
Customers do ask - Why is MCS Important?

We are proud to say that we are MCS Accredited and have been since we started installing solar back in 2012  - in most cases you will need an MCS Certificate to apply for the SEG ( Smart Export Guarantee).  However there has been some confusion with Suppliers suggesting you don't need it -  You can see all the information that you need here direct from MCS - Also giving you information about the bigger picture and that MCS is not only about claiming the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) when you install a Solar PV system - but is also about the qual...

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Checkatrade Feedback - Solar PV Systems installed

TestimonialsPosted:  14 September 2023 @ 13:27 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

Fantastic Feedback

We wanted solar panels for our house but couldn't put them on the roof due to conservation area issues, and an old slate roof. TB Electrics sorted everything, and accommodated a last minute change of plan, the guys were really helpful. Since having the panels installed we have only used 1 unit from the mains. Really happy with the service 12.9.23


I also should say so far we’ve been more than impressed with the lads on site. We’ve had a...

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How TB Electrics, Dext and Accounts & Legal work together

News & EventsPosted:  30 August 2023 @ 09:08 BSTAuthor:  TB Electrics

TB Electrics from paper trail to green cloud accounting
As a solar pv installation company we wanted to be as green as possible with our accounting - to use less paper and reduce our waste and therefore have more control of our carbon footprint - one of the ways we did this was to introduce less paper by utilising a software package called Dext in our business.  We were recently asked by Dext to help them with a case study on the difference that can be made to your accounting by introducing this software into your business and  were happy to oblige, especially if it helps other Companies to think about doing the same - we started using Dext a coupl...

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