Zappi, Eddi and Harvi

30 July 2021 @ 10:36 BST by TB Electrics


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So, one of todays jobs was to install an Electric Vehicle Charger for a customer and for this job we chose a Zappi from My Energi because it has a charging mode that allows it to utilise 100% of  renewable energy produced by our customers existing Solar PV system. We also added a My Energi Eddi, which also uses any further surplus energy generated by the Solar panels to heat the hot water.

All in all a great set up, which means that only a minimal amount is being exported to the Grid and our customer is making the most of the energy generated on site by his solar system..... Oh and another thing - even more great service from TB Electrics

'Also, can I just say that both Jack and Josh were excellent at their work and a pleasure to have around.'

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