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20 November 2023 @ 12:21 GMT by TB Electrics


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Another great review from Vespertec

We asked Alan from Vespertec to give us his thoughts about the 149 panel Solar PV system that we installed back in Nov 2022 for him and his feedback about the system and TB Electrics is fabulous and its great to be able to share this with you 

Wed reduced the consumption of electricity initially by installing LED lighting with motion sensors and the Solar PV system has now had  a full year of generating electricity, which has been used on site to power his business and to power the EV Chargers that were installed at the same time

We designed a system that was expected to generate 44910kwh of electricity during the year and after checking all the generation from 8.11.22 to 8.11.23 it has actually generated 46113kwh - this goes to show that the presumptions we made about the british weather for the year at Solar PV design stage were pretty much 100% accurate and the PV system has overperformed this year.

The renewable electricity generated is the equivalent of planting 635 trees and saving 1.14kiltons of CO2 emissions  - which means Vespertec in Stockport on well on their way to hitting their sustainability targets and are making headway into their goal of reducing their impact on the environment 

This is what Alan had to say about us .....


Vesper Technologies is a specialist in the design, configuration, delivery and support of high performance, data centre infrastructure.We operate from a combined office, manufacturing, and distribution facility near Stockport and are a large electricity user.

Sourcing power ethically is important as we are keen to reduce our environmental impact. We have used a renewable energy supplier for many years but recently invested in invested in a large solar panel installation.

The installation consists of 149 panels and was installed by TB Electrics who we have previously used at the same premises to install motion sensitive low powered warehouse lighting and a bank of 4 electric vehicle chargers.

TB Electrics used our historic power usage to model the return to value date at which point we could expect our savings in electricity charges to have offset the value of the initial investment.

This expert advice made the decision to proceed far easier to make and I have been pleased to see (via software that monitors the power generated by the system) how much we are saving.

A huge proportion of our daytime power draw is now generated by our solar installation saving us thousands over the financial year.

The solar installation also feeds our electrical vehicle chargers enabling us to roll out free charging to all employees working at the site.

TB Electricals installation team are a huge asset to the business. A lead electrician has managed the work from start to finish for each of the three jobs that I have used them for.

Without exception they have been reliable, capable and professional showing a great deal of pride in their work - one of the main reasons that I have gone back to TB on multiple occasions.

Each of the jobs that I have used them for has been completed to a high standard and I would be happy to recommend them as an electrical contractor.


Allan Kaye

Co Founder & Managing Director

Vesper Technologies Ltd




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