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TB Electrics from paper trail to green cloud accounting

As a solar pv installation company we wanted to be as green as possible with our accounting - to use less paper and reduce our waste and therefore have more control of our carbon footprint - one of the ways we did this was to introduce less paper by utilising a software package called Dext in our business.  We were recently asked by Dext to help them with a case study on the difference that can be made to your accounting by introducing this software into your business and  were happy to oblige, especially if it helps other Companies to think about doing the same - we started using Dext a couple of years ago and now it is just a force of habit for all staff to Dext their receipts - check out the case study here 

About TB Electrics

TB Electrics, co-founded by Terry and Louise Bennett, has been lighting up the energy efficiency industry for over two decades. Originally, their expertise revolved around electrical work and home improvement projects. However, over time, their entrepreneurial spirit led them to delve into the realm of green energy. 

At first, their solar energy services were primarily directed towards domestic clients. But the landscape dramatically changed a year and a half ago, amid the recent energy crisis, leading to a significant boost in their business operations.

The sudden surge in demand for solar panels catapulted TB Electrics from receiving just a handful of enquiries a week to a staggering 20 calls a day. The company saw its clientele rapidly shift, with a new focus on business clients as compared to households. Louise estimates a 60-40% split between their B2B and B2C clientele today.

Being passionate advocates of sustainability, TB Electrics embraced this shift wholeheartedly. They identified an opportunity to further their commitment to a greener future by helping other organisations reduce their carbon footprint and transition to renewable energy. Amid a global climate crisis and a growing emphasis on ESG criteria, the green energy services provided by TB Electrics emerged as a win-win solution for both the environment and the businesses they served.

You might be wondering, how does Dext Prepare ‘light up’ TB Electrics’ path towards sustainability and rapid growth? Well, let’s ‘switch on’ the details!

The Challenge 

The expansion of their business brought along its fair share of challenges. One of the most pressing issues was dealing with their existing manual and labour-intensive accounting practices. The system, which involved a freelance bookkeeper and Sage as a general ledger, was becoming increasingly cumbersome. The bookkeeper would visit their office twice a month to sift through boxes of paperwork and manually enter data into spreadsheets.

“Before Dext Prepare, our system was very manual. We were drowning under stacks of paper … It was invoices, statements … It was all quite painstaking. The process was heavily manual and often based on outdated information”, said Louise. This method not only lacked efficiency, but also exposed them to the risk of misplacing crucial paperwork. “Once you’ve lost a paper, you’ve lost it forever.”

With the increasing business demands, it was clear that TB Electrics needed a more sophisticated and efficient system. One that would allow them to keep pace with their growth, reduce manual workload and free up more time to focus on their core business operations. It was then that they decided to engage a dedicated accounting firm and explore automation tools to facilitate their processes.

The Solution 

To address their challenges, TB Electrics partnered with Accounts and Legal, a professional accounting firm. The firm recommended Dext Prepare, our automation tool designed to simplify accounting tasks. 

Dext Prepare offered a more streamlined and organised approach to their accounting needs. “The possibility of automating the process a little bit more was very appealing. Just take a picture? It sounded amazing”, Louise shared. This transition allowed TB Electrics to replace its paper-intensive, manual accounting system with a cloud-based and efficient solution.

“Moving over to Dext Prepare was a breeze.”

Even though Louise initially had some apprehensions about shifting to Xero and Dext Prepare, her concerns were soon allayed. “I was slightly hesitant at first, based on how past experiences with other software went down”, she admitted. But the simplicity and efficiency of the Xero integration with Dext Prepare won her over. She particularly appreciated how it assisted in managing invoices, receipts and expenses, as well as how it made everything neat and organised with a unique job number for each task.

An unexpected but favourite benefit of Dext Prepare was its alignment with TB Electrics’ commitment to sustainability. The platform’s paper-free approach was a major boon for the eco-conscious company. “In the beginning, everything we did was on paper – it’s a complete switch from 90% paper to 90% not paper. Much, much better change for the best. We don’t print anything at all and we’ve rolled that out across the board”, Louise expressed.

The Impact 

The implementation of Dext Prepare at TB Electrics had a transformative impact on their accounting processes and overall operational efficiency.

The tool offered a robust solution for their accounting needs while aligning with their sustainability ethos. “Suddenly we didn’t have a whole pile of paperwork, we didn’t have to worry about where we put things – it all went away”, Louise added.

“Dext Prepare makes me a little bit more sure of the figures we’re looking at, we’re sure everything that should be on there is on there. It’s easier to ‘account’ for everything.”

Moreover, Dext Prepare not only changed how they handled accounting but also influenced their company culture. The entire team embraced the tool and even came up with a new phrase to ensure everyone had uploaded their data to the system: “Have you Dexted it yet?

The monthly meetings with Accounts and Legal became significantly smoother, a positive for everybody. “Everything’s been accounted for, so it’s not stressful. Dext Prepare gives them the ability to identify which jobs aren’t complete and defer the corresponding invoices”, Louise said.

“Dext Prepare saves me so much time, and has simplified my thought process. Invoicing has transitioned from a constant worry to an automatic, worry-free task.”

This story showcases the power of technology and automation in modern businesses. The shift from a traditional, manual accounting system to Dext Prepare not only enhanced TB Electrics’ operational efficiency but also contributed to its sustainability goals. The platform allowed them to reduce their paper consumption significantly, proving that automation can be both efficient and eco-friendly.

It’s good for business, it’s good for the planet and it’s good for people.

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