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Commercial Buildings Revolutionise Solar PV Industry

Britain ready to raise the roof with commercial solar pv potential!
Thousands of commercial buildings in the UK could be used to revolutionise our solar pv industry. One of them could be yours .....

Roofs across cities in Britain cover an enormous amount of surface area, yet unfortunately, only a slither of them utilise this space for solar panels. The Governments Solar Taskforce plans to adapt suitable space for solar pv - but you can do this yourself at any time - whether you wish to pay for it upfront and reap all the benefits or you would like to have it installed for free and own it in 25 years time.

In May 2023, the Government’s new Solar Taskforce met for the first time to discuss how to reach the ‘untapped potential’ of commercial buildings. The Taskforce’s desired plan is to drive forward the Government’s ambitions of 70GW of solar power in the UK by 2035, which would require an increase of almost fivefold from our current capacity. The Solar Taskforce has identified schools, warehouses and car parks as essential to kick-start our solar revolution.

Why target large commercial buildings?

Graham Stuart, the Minister for Energy Security states that households across the UK are already doing their bit to move towards renewable energy. However, there are huge commercial buildings across the UK that could help provide exponential solar power due to their often large, flat roofs that are perfect for panel installation.

Targeting large commercial buildings will also provide green jobs. It was estimated that in 2020, the solar industry supported 11,500 jobs across the country – this figure is expected to be notably higher now and is predicted to steadily rise in the next decade. Chris Hewett, who is chief executive of Solar Energy UK and co-chair of the Solar Taskforce believes that installing rooftop solar power at any level is “one of the best investments available”.

One perfect example of a successful commercial solar installation that we have installed in the UK is that of Jaymar Packaging Limited in Crewe, who have generated 169mwh of electricity from their 186 solar panels and their 50kw SolarEdge Technologies inverter, which has optimisers to enhance the efficiency of the system , improved safety and allows you to view each panel individually to see how it is performing
89% of that energy they have generated, they have used themselves on site, saving them over £47000 since 2020 and 33000kg of CO2 -


It is living proof that the utilisation of buildings can be utilised to provide clean energy and will save your business lots of ££££

Where do we go from here?

Hopefully, with the introduction of the Solar Taskforce, thousands of commercial buildings across the UK will feature solar installations. Flatter roofs such as factories, warehouses and schools are the perfect starting point to tap into our country’s solar potential. The future is bright for the solar industry in the UK, and over the next decade, we should see our ambitions of 70GW of solar power become a reality.  

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